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Are you planning to construct new steps for your home? Does the concrete at your commercial business need to be sealed? Find all the concrete supplies you need at Taylor Building Supply Co. Contact us today regarding all your concrete project needs.

  • Cement steps

  • Limestone step treads

  • Portland cement

  • Bagged ready-mix cement

  • Concrete Sealers

                •   Super Diamond Clear

                •   Rainguard sealers

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Looking to replace your concrete steps? We stock multiple sizes of concrete steps — in varied length and height.


Rely on our team of experts to find the perfect supplies for your project and offer advice to help you get started.

Mixes and Materials

Concrete Supplies

  • Bull floats

  • Knee boards

  • Finish trowel

  • Wire mesh rolls

  • Wire mesh sheets

Concrete materials offered

  • Splash blocks

  • Parking blocks

  • Expansion joint

  • Diamond blades

  • Hydraulic cement

Work with a local business that's been operating since 1989.

Concrete steps
  • Mastic tar

  • Drain tile and fittings

  • Foam insulation board

  • Visqueen clear poly plastic

Does your yard or commercial lawn frequently accumulate water? Our drainage tiles are an easy way to prevent large quantities of water from pooling in your yard.

Waterproofing Products

Durable Drainage Tiles